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未来を創造するFuture Creations

Future Creations, creating the future with real estate investment

About us

Message from the President

I am always obliged to you for your kindness.
We here at Future Creations hold creating a rich future as are management philosophy, and strive towards creating a rich future come true for all of our stakeholders associated with us.
In the modern world there are many things we want to look away from in life, such as the aging society with decreased birth rates and worries regarding pensions. We have a significant uncertainty towards the murky future. With that uncertain future, we believe there is something we can do. No one knows what will happen in the future. Not everything may turn out right.
However, we believe that not turning away from the reality, and striving to create the rich future is the only way to open up the future.
Please let us hear about your dreams. Let’s talk about the future.

Future Creations Co., Ltd.

President Seiji Kaneko

Company Overview

Company Name
Future Creations Co., Ltd.
4-8-16 NihonbashiHontyou KDXshinnihonbashiekimae Bld. 7F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
Seiji Kaneko
10 million yen
August 2015
Lic. No. (1) 98316, Governor of Tokyo
Affiliated Organization
All Japan Real Estate Association
All Japan Real Estate Federation
Tokyo Real Estate Association

Business Activities
Planning, developing, selling of real estate for investment purposes
Consulting regarding to real estate for investment purposes
Introduction of oversea real estates
Consulting regarding oversea real estate investments
Sale, rent, maintenance, mediation of real estates
Design, execution, contracting of construction
Various seminar business
Bank Accounts
Mizuho Bank
Resona Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Asahi Shinkin Bank
Legal Advisor United Fuso Law Office
Financial Adviso C Cube Consulting Co., Ltd.
Labor Advisor ARC & Partners

Company Philosophy

Our vows

We promise to hold creating a rich future as are philosophy, and will not spare any effort in becoming who we want to be.
We promise not to be satisfied with the present, hold high aspirations, and not neglect self-development.
We promise to always have foresight and strive in making the dream future come true.

Our minds

The main character of our story is the customer. Fully support in order to create a happy ending.
Don’t be constrained by stereotypes, and always have a flexible mindset to search new answers.
Hitting a wall is proof that you are growing and is something to be happy about. Walls don’t appear in front of those who are not progressing.
Even if you forget favors you have done for others, never forget favors that you have received. Devote in self-improvement to raise your integrity in order to return those favors.
Living up to expectations is a matter of course. Professionals achieve results that exceed expectations and make a great impression.