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Estate investment

Asset management that meets the conditions in this day and age.

With the uncertainty looming over the pension system and a possible overhaul of retirement plans, there are many people that worry about their future life plans.
However, this is a certainty. Not doing anything will not make your future bright. You must protect your own future.
With that kind of reality setting in this day and age, real estate investment has been attracting the most attention amongst office and public workers alike.

Real estate investment on the change

By planning a full payment of home loans by retirement, you will have a monthly house rental income that can cover for the insufficient public pensions.
This will lead to more leisure time with the family, and will be able to spend a meaningful second life.
You can also sell it to gain a cash income in a lump-sum to spend on living expenses post-retirement, or your own home loans.

Securing a stable income

When you hear the words “real estate investment,” you may think of the wealthy class buying real estate speculatively during the bubble economy, and selling them to make profit.
There was a long period of deflation after the bubble burst, so you cannot count too much on selling real estate nowadays.

Availability of bank loans

Being able to use bank loans on real estate investments is a big merit, considering you cannot use it for stocks and foreign exchange.
By using loans, you can expect high returns with low capital funds (Leverage Effect).
You can also rely on rental management companies to manage your real estate after purchase to save you some trouble.