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Asset management

Real estates are excellent investment products

There are many different investment products in the world, such as stocks, FX, commodity futures, and fixed deposits.
They all have their upsides and downsides, and you will always have to take a certain amount of risk when making an investment.
Generally, stock investments are considered high-risk, high-return/real estate investments are middle-risk/middle-return, and deposits and national bonds are low-risk/low-return.


Will not decrease or increase

With a deposit, the face value may not go down, but interest rates are minimal, and the value may go down when the rate inflation rises.

Foreign exchange

Price fluctuation is big and unstable

With stocks and foreign exchange, you can make a big profit by aiming to sell, but you must also be prepared for bankruptcy of the invested companies and market crashes. Ever since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, there has been a migration from stocks and foreign exchange to real estate investments. The price movement in stock investments is tempestuous, and can not rely on a stable profit.

Real estate

Stable and strong against inflation

With real estate investments, you will have a monthly house rental income, and the property value will not change so drastically,

Real estate investments are strong against inflation risks

Japan has experienced a long period of deflation after the bubble burst, but a gradual change to inflation is widely expected.
With the economy rising and entering an inflation period, prices will rise, but the value of present deposits will decrease.
Hard assets like real estates will slide its’ value with the market movement, so it is suitable for inflation hedges. Rent costs for real estates does not get affected by the rise and fall of prices as much, so it will become a reliable source of income.