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Life insurance

Do you know about group credit life insurance?

A group credit life insurance comes with buying a real estate through loans.
With this insurance, in case of a death or a high degree disability to the holder, the insurance will pay for the remaining house loans.
A real estate without collateral will be left for the remaining family members. You can sell it for cash, or rent it for a stable income to cover for the survivor pension.


Insurance superior to normal death insurance

The group credit life insurance fee is included in the monthly loan repayment, so many people tend to cancel their life insurances that costs tens of thousands of yen monthly when starting real estate investments.
Most death insurances in life insurances are spanned through 10 years, 20 years, maybe even for life. During such a long period, there can be inflations and rise in prices, but insurance companies will only pay the amount decided when the contract was signed.
Real estate investments is very flexible and will adapt to any change in the economy, while serving as a monthly income to secure your families future.