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Pension measures

The need for a private pension after retirement

Japan’s pension system is a pay-as-you-go system, where the working generation’s insurance premium covers for the elderly.
With the society aging with decreased birth rates, the pension receiving age has been prolonged from 60 to 65. Insurance fees have been going up, while pension benefits have been going down, and receiving ages going up.
In order to secure a peaceful retirement, building a private pension rather than relying solely on the government is crucial.
This is where real estate business comes in.

Private pension after retirement

By planning a full payment of home loans by retirement, you will have a monthly house rental income that can cover for the insufficient public pensions.
This will lead to more leisure time with the family, and will be able to spend a meaningful second life.
You can also sell it to gain a cash income in a lump-sum to spend on living expenses post-retirement, or your own home loans.