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Intellectual Property

The entire content of this site is subject to Future Creations and its content supplier with all rights reserved.
Unauthorized access, unauthorized reproduction, or any other illegal actions to images, writings, photos, and other contents are prohibited.
If any of the above-mentioned actions have been committed, legal actions will be taken.

Privacy Policy

We will be using your personal information for the following reasons.

  1. To complete real estate transactions; search for lease partners for lease contracts; complete contracts for dealing, leasing, mediating, managing real estates.
  2. To supply information for selling, leasing, mediating, managing real estates.
  3. To supply necessary information to the contractors, deal/lease applicants, other housing land and building dealers, Real Estate Information Network System, those who offer property information on paper or the internet, partnered non-life insurance companies, real estate managements, third-party guarantors, and other third parties that the customer have agreed upon to make 1,2 possible.
    1. The date and agreed price will be noticed to the Real Estate Information Network System when a deal is reached.
    2. The Real Estate Information Network System will use property information and agreed contract information (agreed contract information does not include the names of the vendors, purchasers, landlords, or tenants, and consists of the property overview, agreed date, agreed price, and other necessary information) to supply necessary information to housing land and building dealers and public institutions via electronic data or on paper, under the rules of residence and land transaction law.
  4. To notify by mail, phone, or emails to supply information of 1 and 2 above.
  5. To contact you in response to your inquiries, and preserve information if necessary to complete 4 above.
  6. Preserve information as data based on article 49 of the residence and land transaction law.
  7. To provide a price assessment of real estate deals and leasing.
  8. Agreed contract information used for price assessment may be provided to mediators as a “basis of opinion” based on article 34-2 paragraph 2 of the residence and land transaction law.
  9. To analyze the market trend
    • Provided information will be name, address, telephone number, property information, agreed contract information, and other necessary information.
    • Information will be provided through paper, phone, email, internet, and other advertising medium.
    • Providing of the information will be ceased if requested by the said person.
    • ※ In case an exclusive/full-time or full-time intermediary agreement is reached, the housing land and building dealer is required to register to the Real Estate