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Tax avoidance

Avoid taxes smartly with real estate investment

Your income will increase by starting real estate investment, but part of the interest rate of the mortgage, depreciation, and other operation costs can be counted as expenses.
As a result, is you have a deficit counted in the account book, you can apply that to your salary income to receive tax refunds and lower resident taxes.


Real estate is advantageous in inheritance taxes

After July 1st, 2015, tax reduction amount for inheritance taxes have been lowered, causing the number of people paying taxes to double.
When calculating inheritance, cash, deposits, stock certificates are calculated at face value. However, real estates will be calculated at a lower price than the purchased amount.
Buildings are calculated at 60% its fixed value, and land at 80%. Additionally, it will be calculated even lower if it is used for rentals, leading for a 40 to 70% savings compared to inheritance through cash.
Real estate is very useful to split up and compress inheritance fees.